About Elena Luka

Fashion brand Elena Luka is synonym for authentic, avant-garde and artistic modern expression that create urban fashion way , always in step with the most popular fashion trends.

The idea to create a brand that will move to higher level values of Macedonian fashion scene began to be realized in 2008 and a relatively short period of time Elena Luka successfully positioned itself on Macedonian fashion market.

Quality fashion pieces made from carefully selected materials, rich embroidery, handmade details and jewelry, and creative ideas realized in unique forms, make up the supply of Elena Luka that broaden the horizons of the Macedonian fashion scene.

Following the new trends in the global market Elena Luka has opened its own on-line store

Despite of its regular rich offer of cocktail and evening toilets, daily and trendy creations, as well as business models, Elena Luka is dedicated to the idea of making unique wedding dresses.

Elena Luka has its own service for technical preparation, constructive department and final section - main stages through which passes the development of each model, and also hairdressing salon for complete styling of the customer.

Our fashion brand actively participates and supports fashion events in Macedonia. Part of their collections as: Urban Baroque and Art Collection, Elena Luka presented at the Macedonian Fashion Weekend, and collection Light designed for spring-summer season 2011 was presented at individual open fashion performance. Numerous television projects, fashion performances, cooperation with people from show business, as well as artists from various fields, all this projects show that Elena Luka is creative core.

Loyal to its motto “Modern and humane” , Elena Luka gave other dimension to fashion and realize many fashion shows with humanitarian character, and supports and organizes projects of humanitarian nature.

Always be sincere to yourselves and all customers. Never promise to fulfill something you are not capable. Discover yourself, analyze your own capacities, respect your competition, be persistent, learn, and stay informed. Believe that you are destined for success, but be self-critical. And foremost: Success comes primarily from your inner beauty and capacity, external beauty is just an ornament of success. So stay human, regardless of your position and power, embrace the human values, help to those who need help, always divide the success with others.

With love,
Elena Luka